Friday, October 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I feel like its been a while since I’ve blogged anything but this week has been so busy! And this next week is going to be even busier. Sunday starts a four day Missions Conference at Emmanuel, Friday I’ll be going with the ladies to a Conference in Walkerton,NC for the weekend and the weekend after that we have marriage counseling and TAC Conference at ABC. {[(sigh)]} Don’t get me wrong I’m looking forward to each event, I just take everything one day at a time.

I promised that I would be keeping every one up to date on all the wedding plans. So really quick, before I have to run down the road to do some haircuts, I’ll give a brief view of what we’ve been working on.

  • We are having the wedding at Maranatha Baptist Church, in Shelby but need to find a reception site. We’re looking at Dover Baptist Church, they have a nice “gym” that several girls from MBC have had their receptions at.
  • Kenny and I picked a young lady to be our photographer for the wedding, she is Bethany Burrows older sister, just waiting to hear back from her if she is available that weekend.
  • We are also getting some “fall” season pictures Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Cindy is taking those for us. :)
  • I set up an appointment with David’s Bridal to look for bridesmaids dresses with all the girls, November 19th. Hopefully I can post pictures of what the girls choose.
  • Kenny and I completed our registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond today, we still need to do one at Wal-Mart to be completely done with that task, I feel good that we have at least finished one of them.
  • Today, we also looked at a tux shop and have in mind what Kenny wants to wear and what he would like for the groomsmen. (It looks really sharp)

As I’m reading over this list it sounds like nothing is completely done :s but its a start and I’m happy with that!

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  1. Hey, if you don't start, you won't get it done. So good job and thanks for sharing! Fun days!