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Welcome to Life in the Big City!

My name is Becky, and when I started this blog I didn't live in a big city at all! As a matter of fact the town I grew up in, on the west side of North Carolina, might have a population of 5,000 ish... maybe... if you count the cows! I'm actually not sure at all how many people are there but it definitely would not be considered a big city at all! However, the Lord has seen fit to move my husband, Kenny, our dog, Bella, and I to a very large city just north of Miami, Florida! Talk about ironic, right? 

In this Blog of mine you'll find that, as a homemaking wifey, I enjoy crafts, painting, decorating and finding new ways to better help my hubby in our ministry here. This blog is a little home, a little work and a whole lot of just sharing what is on my heart. I hope you'll enjoy reading about our Life in the {REAL} Big City!


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  1. Sorry we missed your give-away. We have been using tropical traditions products for a good number of years. I think it is the best source for coconut products (oil, chips, shredded, flour, concentrate, etc.). We just sent Kenny's grams a Tropical Traditions order. I hope things are going well for all of you. Marlin & Leah