Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mrs. Becky Knows

“Mrs. Becky, how did you know that?” says Stacey in astonishment.

“Mrs. Becky knows everything!” replied Lauren, “we should make a hashtag, #MrsBeckyKnows and post it every time she says something that no one else knows.”

Mrs Becky Knows

I don’t know where I got the idea that all Pastors and their families were perfect. That they had all knowledge about the scriptures and knew all the answers to life’s greatest questions. However, I do remember thinking, when I married my Youth Pastor husband, “Wait a second God, I don’t know everything yet!”

In four years of youth ministry I have learned an awful lot. As a matter of fact, I have here for you just three simple rules, that, if followed, will help you tremendously through life.

 Mrs. Becky’s Rules for Knowing EVERYTHING!

  1. Realize that you Don’t know everything
  2. Recognize Who does – James 1:5
  3. Rely on His Wisdom – Proverbs 4:5-9

Kenny has been preaching through “The ABC’s of Christian Growth” on Wednesday nights, we’re on letter B-Bible. In his preaching he has said over and over that the Bible is the foundation for all we do as Christians and that our actions, beliefs and standards for living should be based on the Bible. Our late Pastor, Mark Brown, also did a wonderful job of pointing us to the scriptures. He used to ask “What does the Bible say about that?” This study has been an excellent reminder that God wants us to have knowledge and understanding and He has given us His Word to help us in that endeavor.

read the bible

“I don’t know the answer to that question. Lets find it together.”

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Kids

“How many kids do you have now?” The age old question people ask each other when they haven’t seen you for a while or when you first meet.
“Fifteen.” I reply with calm assurance and a polite smile while waiting for the initial shock to pass and reality to kick in.
“Surely, they can’t all be your kids?”
“Yes, yes they are.”
Brock, Justin, Xavier, Raquel, Michelle, Stacey, Andrew, Lauren, Jacque, Emily, Tyler, Alex, Kyle, Jessica, Adonis, and Allison. Sixteen if you count our dog Bella.
Picnic LunchTheir nicknames are Broccoli, Hulk, Scoop, Quel and Shelly (they are my “Twinkies”), Stace, Cuban, Laaaaren, My Girl, Emmie, Ty, Lazy and Newb. The other three have not been to camp yet and therefore have not been labeled.
Kitchen fight

I am constantly amazed at the level of “abuse” these kids receive at our hands, and yet, they consistently come back for more. We make fun of them, call them names, bop them on the head, and occasionally they even sustain injury; such as the black eye Emmie received after a wayward box of candy hit her. They’re rowdy, loud, weird, forgetful, always hungry, and sometimes smell bad. We have inside jokes (5th place ribbon) and stories that make us laugh until we cry every time we hear them.

Nothing warms this “Mommy” heart more than to see and be apart of the growth and excitement my kids experience. Joyfully serving the Lord, giving testimony of touched hearts and reaching out to bring others into the “family.”
Silly girls

I am by no means an expert on teenagers, as a matter of fact, every time I think I’ve got it figured out, they change on me! I raise my kids, and just when we’re starting to really get to know each other and bond, they graduate and leave for college and I am left with a whole new youth group.

“Oh wait, did I forget to mention, I’m a Youth-Mommy.”

Youth Group

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Re-Thinking Youth

I haven’t blogged for a while, my heart just hasn’t been here. But the Lord has been doing an amazing work in my life, in my marriage, in my church and if I don’t share some of it I think I’ll just explode!

Last year at this time we buried our churches Pastor, Mark Brown. I’ve been through many funerals but not one that brought so much glory to the Lord. It was amazing to see just a small number of the lives touched by just one man and his family. His ministry changed my life and my husbands life forever in that he enabled us to heal by constantly pointing us to the Bible. He would always say “What does the Bible have to say about that?” or “God’s Word is the sole authority for my life.” and it really was, he truly lived God’s Word.

This past year we also buried my Daddy, not a perfect man by any stretch of the imagination but the experience has forever changed my life. Seeing, in my own family, the brevity of life, I’m bolder because I don’t have time to waste, I’m more loving and trying to make more meaningful connections because friends and family can be gone before you even realize it and I’m growing because I want to know my Savior when its my turn to go home.

Kenny and I also faced some trying times through last year, finding a Pastor and learning to wait upon the Lord took on some new meanings for both of us. I can’t praise the Lord enough for bringing us the Pastor he did and at the perfect time! Pastor Keely and Mrs. Joy  are a true blessings and a pair of “go-getters,” the Lord is blessing the work and energy they are putting into the ministry of Bible Baptist Church and Kenny and I are learning lots and lots as we are running along side them.


These things along with many more, too many daily challenges, verses and happenstances to try to mention here, have made lasting changes in my life and in the way I view things. Youth ministry being one of them.

We changed our Youth group name to “ReCHARGE.” It wasn’t done for this purpose but Kenny and I both have been re-thinking how we minister, to whom we minister and what our ministry is saying. The verses we chose to go along with the name is 2 Timothy 3:14-15:

“But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;

And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”

We’ve learned a lot in a rather short amount of time and these verses give us the charge to remember and continue. I’ll be sharing some of the things we’ve been learning and trying to apply to our youth ministry that has made ministering AMAZING! Not of works which we have done but that the Lord has done in and through us and in the lives of our teens. He is AMAZING!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell, Fatigue Review

Natural Help for Chronic Fatigue

Do I have a treat for you today! My friend, MaryEllen, over at The Imperfect Homemaker has written a wonderful ebook called Farewell, Fatigue.

I’m not going to spill all the beans about this book but I do want to ask you some questions. Are you are constantly tired? Lacking energy? Do you experience brain fog on a regular basis? Do you catch yourself feeling exhausted after doing very simple tasks? Have you ever thought that all these symptoms are normal for your stage of life(pregnancy, motherhood, stressful job, etc.)?

A couple years ago, MaryEllen found herself experiencing all of the above symptoms and more. She tried to explain it away with the usual “I’m a mother, we’re supposed to be tired…Right?” Except her symptoms continued to get worse until she could barely get out of bed. After quite a lot of searching she finally found a doctor who was willing to search out the root cause of her problem, not just treat her symptoms.

Last question, (I promise) Have you ever considered that your lack of energy and down-right tiredness was not normal, and that you could change from being constantly fatigued to being full of energy?

MaryEllen wrote Farewell, Fatigue out of a burdened heart for other men and women who are experiencing the same thing she was. She wants you to know that Fatigue is NOT NORMAL and she is giving you, in her book, the steps to change all that!

This book is not a fluffy, emotional, pull at your heart strings, feel sorry for each other, kind of book. She gives you her story in one short chapter and then jumps directly into what you need!

Because this week is her book launch week, MaryEllen has joined with some awesome companies to do a fantastic giveaway on her blog.

 Farewell, Fatigue 

Run over to The Imperfect Homemaker to find out all the details and enter to win some great prizes!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tropical Traditions Review & GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you all for participating
IMG_20131016_094218 Ok, so I realize that it has been forever since I posted this picture on Facebook and Instagram. But you must forgive me, because I am doing an awesome giveaway of Tropical Traditions, Virgin Coconut Oil! But before we get to the giveaway part (which, if that’s the only reason you’re here you can find at the end of this post) I want to share some things I’ve used Coconut Oil for. Some of the things I tried, I liked :), and some got a dislike :( but I’ll share all that with you below, so here we go!
My Uses for Coconut Oil
Cooking – Liked
I did not use any coconut oil for baking (baking is not really my strong suite) but I did use it in place of frying oil, to sauté different meats, cook onions in, and in different recipe’s that called for oil. Although I could smell the coconut while these different dishes were cooking I could not taste it, my husband, also, never mentioned tasting a coconut flavor (I tried to keep it a secret when I was using the oil in cooking so I could get an honest opinion!)

20131211_150202Cleaning – Liked and Disliked
Liked – I read you can use oil (of any kind) to keep soap scum from building up on a glass shower door and to keep water marks off of the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen. Works like a charm.
Disliked – Even though it worked to use the coconut oil for this, I almost felt like I was mis-using the product when I could purchase a cheaper oil (baby oil for example) that worked just as well. Also, since the coconut oil is a solid it added another step to heat the oil before using it. I like to keep things simple so a bottle of baby oil under each sink is the way to go for me.
Hair, Skin and Nails – Liked and Disliked
I probably used most of my 32oz. jar on this category. It’s the cosmetologist in me!
  • Hair – Liked and Disliked
I liked using this as a conditioning treatment, to tame flyaway's and for split ends. I washes out easily, (unlike using other oils that almost defeat the purpose of a treatment, because you shampoo your hair to death trying to get the oil out) because its a solid it makes a great, lightweight paste to smooth your hair and I think it must work as a heat protectorate because I have not had split ends since my last trim, 2 months ago!
The dislike part of this is that it is still an oil and if you use too much your hair looks oily very quickly. However that’s the case with most products so I can’t complain too much!
  • Skin – LOVED! IMG_20131010_135728
  1. Moisturizers (body & face) Even  though it is an oil, it does not leave you feeling oily because the molecules are so small in coconut oil your skin can absorb it much easier than other oils. I absolutely love this for my sensitive skin!
  2. Face Wash. I use the oil pulling method every morning, again, its great for my sensitive skin.
  3. Mouth wash (sort of) A friend told me about a teeth, oil pulling method.
  4. Homemade Hand and Skin Scrubs. After you mix it together with your scrubbing agent and scent the oil returns to a solid state which means you don’t have to re-mix it when you want to use some.
This is just a few of the things I used Coconut Oil for but I think you get the idea, that over all, I loved it. Here is some extra reading on Coconut oil and how to use it if your interested.
•       What is Virgin Coconut Oil?
•       How to Use Coconut Oil.
Now for the crazy fun part that we’ve all been waiting for!

Giveaway for a 32oz. jar of Tropical Traditions, Virgin Coconut Oil
Please read over the rules and how to enter before entering the giveaway. I would hate for your entries not to count because you missed something!
  1. The Mandatory Entry (#1) MUST be completed before any other entries. All other entries done before #1 will be DELETED and thus, not count for you toward the giveaway.
  2. Must be 18 years or older.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only.
  4. Giveaway will end Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 11:59 pm

How to Enter
  1. {Mandatory Entry} Sign up to receive Tropical Traditions Sales Newsletter in your email and leave a comment with your email address saying you did.
  2. Leave a comment telling me something you use Coconut Oil for or something you would like to try
  3. Share this giveaway via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and leave a comment for each time you shared. Please only 1 share on each social media website per day, while extra sharing is appreciated you will not receive extra entries for more than 1 per day.
Good luck to each one!

If you would like to just purchase some coconut oil (or anything else) for yourself from Tropical Traditions you can do so here. I will tell you though, if you are a new customer to Tropical Traditions and you use my link to make a purchase, not only will you receive a free gift with your purchase but I too will get a gift certificate for referring you.
Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. All content here is purely my own opinion of this product and what I used it for.