Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell, Fatigue Review

Natural Help for Chronic Fatigue

Do I have a treat for you today! My friend, MaryEllen, over at The Imperfect Homemaker has written a wonderful ebook called Farewell, Fatigue.

I’m not going to spill all the beans about this book but I do want to ask you some questions. Are you are constantly tired? Lacking energy? Do you experience brain fog on a regular basis? Do you catch yourself feeling exhausted after doing very simple tasks? Have you ever thought that all these symptoms are normal for your stage of life(pregnancy, motherhood, stressful job, etc.)?

A couple years ago, MaryEllen found herself experiencing all of the above symptoms and more. She tried to explain it away with the usual “I’m a mother, we’re supposed to be tired…Right?” Except her symptoms continued to get worse until she could barely get out of bed. After quite a lot of searching she finally found a doctor who was willing to search out the root cause of her problem, not just treat her symptoms.

Last question, (I promise) Have you ever considered that your lack of energy and down-right tiredness was not normal, and that you could change from being constantly fatigued to being full of energy?

MaryEllen wrote Farewell, Fatigue out of a burdened heart for other men and women who are experiencing the same thing she was. She wants you to know that Fatigue is NOT NORMAL and she is giving you, in her book, the steps to change all that!

This book is not a fluffy, emotional, pull at your heart strings, feel sorry for each other, kind of book. She gives you her story in one short chapter and then jumps directly into what you need!

Because this week is her book launch week, MaryEllen has joined with some awesome companies to do a fantastic giveaway on her blog.

 Farewell, Fatigue 

Run over to The Imperfect Homemaker to find out all the details and enter to win some great prizes!

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