Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First time blogger!

This is my first Blog post! {[(very exciting)]} I felt that maybe I should explain my reasons for creating a blog and how I got this all started.

This is actually an old picture of Forest City NC (the next
town over) but Spindale looks a lot like this.

First of all I want to explain my title. I don't actually live in a big city, Spindale, NC is a very small place that most people don't even know is here unless you grew up here or know someone who did. "Life in the Big City" is a phrase I am borrowing from Mrs. Spencer, she makes that statement everytime something big happens in her small town. I was sitting in the Barber Shop where I work trying to come up with a good title and that phrase came to mind as the same groups of people, who I see every day just about, walk up the street to the local drug store for lunch. It just fits!

I have a couple different reasons for blogging:
  • I have been using Facebook for a couple years now, I don't think it is bad in and of itself so if you use it please don't think that I'm looking down on you. But I've noticed that over the past year or so I am spending way too much time looking at useless information, lets just be serious, its the easiest way to gossip. I also have been "hiding" things that some of my contacts have "liked" or posted on my page. I don't plan on deleting my page as of right now but I am going to be limiting my use of it and starting to blog instead! :)
  • I really like the idea of blogging! Several of my friends and family members (and future family members) :) are blogging. It is just a neat way to share your life online.
  • Right now I am in the middle of wedding planning {[(excited again!)]} This will be the main way that I can share my idea's and ask for oppinions with those who are helping out or just interested with how things are progressing.
Those are the main reasons I'm starting a blog (I just noticed that it automatically saves your draft as you write!) So I hope you enjoy reading as much as I am going to enjoy writing.


  1. I love blogs. I am so glad you decided to start one.

  2. How exciting!! I love it! I'm going to sign up to follow you and put your post on my blog!!

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! My suggestion - download Windows Live Writer and use it to post on your blog. It is SOOOOOOO much easier to use than the writing pane on the Blogger Dashboard! I look forward to exciting wedding information and news.