Monday, December 20, 2010

Colorado Trip Pictures

You didn’t really think the pictures on my last post were the only ones I took did you? This post is mainly just some pictures that were taken on our trip out west.


I didn’t see how it happened but Mr. Godby came off his snow mobile :) He made the comment that that was not how to ride!







I think this one is Wesley stuck on the hill.



Here’s Kenny.PC160026






Wes and I got the 2 seater stuck :S

 PC160028 PC160027PC160031






What do you get when you add me wanting a picture with Kenny and Him not wanting to remove his helmet?

Two alien looking people hugging in the snow! :)


This one is defiantly Kenny stuck on the side of the mountain with Matt and Mr. Godby trying to dig him out.







I finally got my picture with Kenny! :)




Do you see Wesley’s pink cleats?







I thought it was really neat/special that they prayed together after the game.

PC180047 PC180048













When we all got into the house, after the initial surprise, Mr. Godby wanted to know where Andrea and Elaine were :S  I wish they could have been there it would have just added a bonus to an already perfect week.



Mr. Godby is trying to talk Alethea’s little girl into sticking her finger in the icing… She did!







Aunt Joe, Uncle Scott, and Grandpa Paul


Wesley in the living room with all the kids… He fits in well don’t you think?






This is what Colorado looks like from the air. I thought it was pretty neat. :)

As you can probably tell we had a good time and can’t wait to go back.

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