Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scary Moment :)

The first week of every new year I try to get organized for the whole year.

Buy a new planner…check; Make appointment for teeth cleaning…check;  Make Eye Exam appointment…check;  Call Joy’s for first dress fitting.

I bought my wedding dress from a small dress boutique here in town that recently purchased a larger building and was in the process of remodeling and moving into said building. When we purchased the dress my mom said “Wouldn’t it be something if they lost your dress in the move?”

This morning I called about having my first dress fitting, it needs some alterations and I want to get it taken care of well in advance. “Rebecca, We’ve just moved all our stock over to the new store, so, I’m going to find your dress and give you a call back in just a little bit.”

About 4 hours later… “Rebecca, We’ve lost….” My heart plummets, sick feeling in my stomach, I catch my breath as I’m thinking of what Mom had jokingly said! “We’ve lost your paperwork, can you come in a try your dress on again for the alterations?”


When I got there they explained that they usually put the receipt and the list of alterations in the pocket of the dress bag and some how it fell out or never made it to the bag. We had a good laugh and I’m just glad they didn’t lose my dress! :)

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  1. Whew! You had me going for a minute! But I chatted with kenny yesterday and I kept thinking, "Kenny would have told me if she lost her dress, wouldn't he?"