Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ninja Bowling

In our youth group we do “Ninja Points” for the teens. Here is how they earn points:

  • Bringing their Bible
  • Bringing a Friend
  • Saying verses – they are working on 1 Cor. 13
  • Passing out Tracts
  • Taking sermon notes
  • Doing Devotions
  • Other – this can be helping at church, winning in Wednesday night Bible quizzing, etc.

Ninja Points

We have split up the year into 4, 3 month sections and for each quarter the winner gets to go on an activity, of their choosing, paid for by the youth fund, with Kenny and I. Last quarter’s winner was Emily Haley, she decided she wanted to go bowling and eat pizza and take her friend Elizabeth. So Sunday Night after church here we go bowling!

They had me braid their hair before we left aren’t they cute?

It was so much fun.The girls were a riot! I don’t think Elizabeth had ever been bowling before but she did pretty good. her score for the first game – 66 – not too shabby!

We had some interesting, scary, un-explainable moments! Elizabeth dropped her bowling ball behind her (don’t worry no one was hurt) and Emily tried to do a 360 spin and bowl at the same time… after retrieving the ball from 3 lanes over she was told not to try that again! All in all, we had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again!

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