Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Take a Tour Tuesday…on Wednesday

This week we have the Guest Bedroom, Bathroom and the Storage Room – which we lovingly refer to as “The Man Cave.” :) I’ll show you the man cave first so we end on a high note.

DSC01136 The reason its call the man cave is; this is where the hunting, motorcycle, car stuff goes. Oh, and the seasonal decor. Now on to the bathroom.

DSC01139 When Kenny and I were first dating he told me, if we ever lived in a house with 2 bathrooms I could decorate the spare bath with ducks.

DSC01140 I wonder if he thought I’d never actually do that :S

Down the hall from the man cave and the bathroom is one of my favorite rooms


DSC01130 This room, along with the Master Bedroom and Den all have a lot of natural light.

DSC01129 DSC01135 I also like this room for the closet :) This is where all the extra stuff is, cleaning supplies, gift wrap, ya know “extra’s that you don’t know where to store” :)

That’s all for the Home Tour! I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at our house. I’m hoping to start next week with showing how we’ve made this house our own space.

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  1. Loved the home tour, testimonies and fall pictures! Love, Mom