Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Photo A Day Challenge – Days 17 – 29 :)

Well I warned you all when I started this that I was probably, most likely, going to get behind on posting my pictures… you were warned! :) here are days 17 – 29 sorry its going to be a long post but there’s lots to look at and I hope you enjoy it :)

Day 17 – Snack

DSC01687 Day 18 – Something You Made

DSC01707 I used my Cricut to make the letters and glued them on this canvas – now I just need to get it hung in the laundry room…

Day 19 – A Favorite Place

DSC01689 This sits in my living room on the cedar chest. I love to travel but there is nothing I like more than coming home :) by the way the sign reads “love at home” the squiggly is smoke coming out of the chimney not an “e”

Day 20 – Something you can’t live without.

DSC01715 This was a hard one for me because there are not a lot of things I think I can’t live without there are several things I wouldn’t want to live without and this is one – our my tea pot

Day 21 – Where You stand

DSC01708 I feel like I stand here a lot! Especially since there are only two of us :/ Any ways I would rather stand here than at the sink doing dishes and since Kenny prefers dishes to laundry… it works.

Day 22 Pink


Day 23 – Technology

DSC01710 I am not a “tech-y” but my phone broke and I didn’t have time to go down to Hickory to exchange my phone, so Kenny did it for me. I don’t even know how to use half of the things this phone can do… :/ oh well!

Day 24 – Something New

DSC01712 A check stub! In case you haven’t heard, I am no longer a barber but instead I am a North Carolina State employee! :) I work in the Senior Center cooking meals for over 150 people every week day.

Day 25 – Unusual

DSC01723 Its no secret that Kenny and I are trying to save money to eventually buy a house, well, one of our highest bills each month is electricity so…. I made my own clothes line on our front porch… with extension cords :) Don’t worry, I plan on buying a real clothes line and putting it some other place than the front porch very soon, I just haven’t made it to the store yet.

Day 26 – 12 O’ Clock


Day 27 – Something Sweet

DSC01719 Sweet Iced Tea

Day 28 – The Weather Today

DSC01713 Blue Skies and Sunshine

Day 28 – A Number


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