Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Photo A Day Challenge - Mum

I do have a picture of my Mom but… its on someone else’s camera :/ but here are the pictures of different “Mum’s” in our church.

DSC01659 Ivalee is our oldest mother at 86


Jo is our youngest mother at 28


Jean is themother with the most children, she has 6.


Chastity has 5 children but she got her flowers because she is our newest mother – she has a two week old boy.


Mrs. Jackie is our honorary mother this year. The last two years our honorary mothers did not have any children but they have a large part in our children’s ministry. This year we gave that award to Mrs. Jackie, she has two children of her own but she has opened her doors to help several children who need to know love and hear the gospel. Every Sunday Mrs. Jackie walks in to church with at least two children she’s “adopted.” That’s quite a mother :)

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