Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Photo A Day Challenge - You

Day 6 – You


This isn’t a picture of me but rather who I want to be. Last year before Kenny and I got married I stumbled upon “Revive Our Hearts – The Counter-cultural Woman” series. I was so blessed, encouraged and convicted about being a godly wife and future mother that I decided I would go back each year and do some kind of study on the Proverbs 31 woman for our wedding anniversary. Its hard to believe that Kenny and I will celebrate our 1st anniversary in less than a month! So needless to say this passage of scripture has been steady on my mind and heart. I am learning to love this woman and slowly realizing that God didn’t put her in our Bible to make us feel guilty about what we are not doing, but to show us that her actions were done in love, a love for her family, for those around her and, most importantly a love for her God – my God. If you get the chance I hope you’ll go and read about her, she’s an amazing woman!

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