Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pastor Appreciation Day

October is Pastor Appreciation Month (I didn't know that did you?) This past Sunday The Hannah Bible Class, at Emmanuel Baptist Church, gave Pastor & Mrs Haley and Kenny, each, a big basket of goodies and a poem. This is Kenny's poem, I borrowed it to frame it for his office. It says:

Pastor Appreciation
October, 2010

Kenny came to us loud and strong
He shaped our mouths
And voiced our wrongs

Who is this kid?
Some would say
What does he think he is anyway?

But Kenny's dedication and labours
Has captured our hearts
We would be saddened if he chose to depart

Months mounted into years
And we are glad
Because Kenny is the best Maintainance man
We ever had!


  1. "Shaped our mouths and Voiced our wrongs" that code for the choir learning to not be so "southern" in their vowels? :)
    Tell Kenny, well done!