Monday, October 25, 2010

Windows Live Writer

Yay!!!! I finally got my Live Writer to work. :) I don’t have anything in particular to post… I just wanted to use this thing (hope your don’t mind :) So I guess I’ll just give you an update on life in the big city of Spindale.

The Barbershop seems to be going along very well. We just hired a new lady, Allison, to start work next week. After Kenny and I get married I’m planning on cutting back to 2 or 3 days a week (mostly because of the drive down here) so I’m trying to get people in place that can start taking some of my hours.

Church at Emmanuel with Kenny has been wonderful. The people there are so sweet and very welcoming, they all just love “Brother Kenny” to death. We have Missions Conference October 31 thru November 3 and a Ladies Conference, in Walkertown, NC, November 5 & 6. Next week is going to be very busy!!!!

Wedding plans are going very well, at least I feel like we have a good handle on everything. Kenny and I met with Pastor Camp for our first Marriage Counseling session. It went well but we have a lot of “homework” to do :) typical Pastor Camp style. Soon we’ll be ordering invitations, bridesmaid dresses, the cake. (all that stuff seems to be due about the same time lol)

Chattanooga trip January '09 002Well that’s pretty much it for my update on life. My advice for today: get out and enjoy the fall leaves and good weather!Chattanooga trip January '09 001

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