Thursday, November 4, 2010

“God gets all the glory and I get to glow.”

I’ve got a little story to share about a couple I’ve been fortunate enough to meet at Emmanuel Baptist Church. I don’t know every detail to their story but I want to share what I do know.

About 3 weeks ago Todd and Dawn walked into the doors of Emmanuel on a Wednesday afternoon. They had just moved into the area from Florida. And as far as I know they had a deal on a house before they moved but when they got here the deal had fallen through. Around the same time they traded vehicles only to have the new one burn up on them.  This left them homeless and without a car. They started asking around for someone who could help them and eventually someone directed them to come to Emmanuel. The church put them up in a hotel if they came to church.

For the past three weeks the two of them have been helping out around the church. They have been such a blessing with their faithfulness to the church, and Todd seems to be a Jack-of-all-trades, fixing doors and painting in sometimes less than superb places (the rafters in the Burlison Building being one of them.) Recently Todd has found a job, I didn’t think to ask where, but he is still helping out with different projects around the church.

Last night at church Dawn called me over to her and said “did Kenny tell you the good news? We got an apartment!” She started to tear up just telling me about it. They had tried earlier in the week to get an apartment, that was just walls and carpet but for some reason it didn’t work out. She started telling me about the new one. “Its a fully furnished apartment right across the street from the church! God didn’t let the other one work out because He had something way better for us. And I have 3 job opportunities as well!” “Well when did you move in?” I asked, now I’m all excited too. “Today! We moved in today!”

After church Kenny and I along with Cindy and Brock went over to see the new apartment. Fully furnished, beautiful wood floors, washer/dryer, big kitchen. Dawn was so excited she kept touching things as she showed them to us. She said she was doing it because she wanted to make sure it was actually there and not just a dream.

As we were getting ready to leave Cindy commented that Dawn was so happy she was glowing. Dawn just replied, “God gets all the glory, and I get to glow.”

I am always amazed when we think something is hopeless, God provides more abundantly than we could have even thought to ask for.

Congratulations Todd and Dawn on the apartment!

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