Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I’m going to have to say that Christmas is my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong I don’t listen to “Jingle Bells” year round, I defiantly like Christmas to come only after Thanksgiving is done. However, when the end of November comes I can not wait to decorate the house for Christmas.

Kenny and I have been talking about how our families celebrate Christmas so I decided to share a little about my family and the traditions we enjoy.

The first tradition I’d like to share is Decorating

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Friday Evening: Kenny helped out by carrying our tree down from the attic and setting it up. The original tree stand broke a couple years ago and this is what my brother Stephen came up with as a new stand… Kenny thought it was red neck :S …you can’t see the stand once the tree skirt is around the bottom anyways.


Saturday: Mom and I spent just about all day cleaning and decorating the house for Christmas. Because this is my last Christmas living at home Mom told me that I could choose what I wanted to set out. Here are a few of my favorite Christmas items and why they’re my favorites.


Nothing puts me in the mood more for Christmas music than playing them under garland and lights. The manger scene next to the piano was made by my Grandpa for my mom when she was in high school.







I have always thought this set was cute :) its one of those things I loved putting out every year.


 These stockings started out as a joke from my Aunt to my Mom when her and Dad got married. The Big one on the right says “Hers” and the little striped one on the far left says “His.” You’ll notice that all the boys stockings are smaller than the girls too! I can't wait to get my own set started :)



Mom and I also put lights up outside in the front yard. Nothing too exciting but we had fun!


Sunday: Kenny and I invited the Pastors kids, Brock and Emily, to come over and help decorate his house for Christmas and play games.

PB280039 PB280040






Emily and I decorated the house and the tree while Kenny and Brock fixed lunch. I thought it was a fair trade :)



Cindy, the pastor’s wife, makes these pretty wreaths, I liked it so much Kenny bought one for me! So I put it up in his house. :)






Now don’t laugh! My parents let us borrow this Little Tree this year so I can buy one on sale after Christmas for next year.

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