Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This week I want to say that I am Thankful for:

GoOfY fRiEnDs!

I have a couple people that I have very fond memories with and today I’d like to take a moment to thank the Lord for each one of you!

DSCF0202 Stephany!!!!!! I have to write about her in pick because its her favorite color. I came to Maranatha Baptist Church in 1998 and Stephany was one of the first friends that I made there. I can’t say that we were extremely close until we started going to church together at Glory Baptist Church in SC about 4 years ago. I guess being stuck in the car for a one hour ride every Sunday makes that happen! Stephy always has a smile on her face and a contagious laugh. I’m looking forward to seeing her graduate from ABC in May.

DSCF0237 Wesley!!! I think his favorite color is green…don’t kill me if its not :) Wes came to ABC in the Fall semester of my Sophomore year. I don’t know exactly how it worked but we ended up in alot of the same classes together and developed a love/hate relationship. I didn’t like him when he hadn’t studied and wanted me to give him an overview of what was supposed to be on the test that day. I loved him when I was the one who didn’t study and he had the answers… and Dove chocolate :) It wasn’t until Wes returned to school and the three of us(Stephy, me and Wes) went to church together that we developed a great friendship. I think the thing that made us so close was that Wes and I were going through some of the same troubles at the same time and it was nice, when I was having a rough day, to have someone who knew what was going on and encouraged me to keep going and follow God. I’ll be seeing him in CO in December and I can’t wait!


Kristen!!! Its funny now but when Kristen and I first met we didn’t like each other :S I thought she was spoiled and she thought I was stuck on myself…or something like that. I don’t remember how it happened but we ended up best friends. Kristen is one of those people who tells it like it is. She also was ALWAYS good for a laugh! Whether its her fascination with taking pictures of herself or her zany sense of humor you always have a good time with Kristen. I love her like my rusted blonde-headed step sister :) She is going to be in my wedding next June, this picture was taken at David’s Bridal when we were picking out bridesmaids dresses.


Amanda!!! She rolls her eyes every time I tell this story but its very key to our “unique” relationship. My first day, working at Plaza Barbershop, I was with Amanda and Christy… Amanda was telling Christy about how when she was sleeping the night before she got so mad at her husband Chris that she got up and went to sleep on the couch and that she could envision herself “stabbing him in the neck with a screwdriver.”  Since then I’ve realized that Chris and Amanda have one of the best marriage relationships of anyone I know… She just says out loud the things that most people only think. Don’t let the blonde hair color fool you, Amanda is very intelligent “in things that don’t matter,” as she likes to put it. If you want to know anything about diseases, Stephen King, or African Stiletto Spiders Amanda is the one to ask! She has three beautiful children and is such a great friend. She is also going to be in the wedding :)

I have a lot of different friends that I could add to this list such as the people from our S.C. church, Glory, or members of my family, but when I think of close friends these are the people that usually come to mind.

 Proverbs 18:24  ~ A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly:

and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.



  1. I wanted to see a pic of Wes in a bridesmaid's dress!

  2. I didn't post anything about Kenny because he was in the last one. Besides He'll probably get one of his own later on :)
    Wessy's outfit for the wedding is being kept a secret. You'll have to wait and see his dress in June!