Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cantata

Sunday was Emmanuel Baptist Church’s Christmas Cantata, Kenny had everything planned out. The Calvary Quartet would sing during the morning service after which the choir and Quartet would eat lunch on the grounds and have a Cantata practice during the afternoon and present the Christmas Cantata during the evening service at 6pm…. Well that was the plan. As anyone who has ever planned anything knows there are always bumps in the plan… Our “bump” came in the form of white fluffy precipitation that sticks to everything and makes driving interesting :)

Sunday morning Kenny called me “The roads are clear up here but leave your place early and be careful…” I made it up the mountain without any problems and so did the Quartet… in an 80 foot “tour” bus! Needless to say as the church members were calling to see if we were still having church the reply was if the Quartet made it, you can too!

Because of the snow we kind of skipped Sunday School and just had a time of testimonies with the people who bravely came in early. The morning service went very well, the Quartet sang several numbers and then Pastor gave a message.

During the afternoon the Quartet thought it would be safest if they left to get back home before it got too late and the roads froze over. So the decision was made to continue the Cantata without them. We had a wonderful time between the choir singing and Pastor’s reading of the Christmas Story. He started back before Christ’s birth and went all the way through his life up to his death and resurrection.

Kenny and I had a wonderful time but (I don’t know about him) I defiantly breathed a sign of relief that we were done. At the same time I can’t wait to see what we’re going to do next year!


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