Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Traditions – Christmas Stories and Baking

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Who doesn’t enjoy Christmas cookies and peanut brittle? Mom usually spends all of one day doing all of her Christmas baking – I tend to burn cookies so she graciously allows me to decorate the cookies, its kind of hard to mess up frosting and sugar! During our day together of baking and decorating we listen to Christmas stories.

Several years ago Mom found a set of tapes called “Christmas In My Heart.” (I think they were recommended by Charles Dobson on Focus on the Family.) It is a reading of the book written by Joe Wheeler containing true Christmas stories. Here is a blip I found on Amazon about the book:

“The anthology is an attempt to rediscover the family values inherent in this Christ-centered holy day. Preceded by saccharine and superfluous introductions, the 16 selections range from the ubiquitous "Gift of the Magi" through works by respected writers such as Pearl Buck, Taylor Caldwell, and Madeleine L'Engle to lesser-known and anonymous authors. The stories range from the poignancy of a mother's periodic "Jubilee" vacation away from her family through a teary-eyed twist on a Christmas pageant to the trauma of a homeless, pregnant teenager seeking refuge at holiday time. In its own way, each portrays God's intervention during the dark times.”

They are heart warming Christmas Stories that makes us laugh and a lot of times cry. My favorite one to listen to is called “Red Mittens.” I’m not going to tell you the story or plot line, I am going to tell you to find these tapes and listen to them! They are very well done and some of the stories really help you get your heart in line for Christmas.

Two years ago Mom gave me all four sets of tapes for Christmas so when I start my family I’ll have my own set, (I think it was more so I wouldn’t have to borrow hers!)

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  1. Thanks for this idea I think I am going to look for these. I bought a couple of books with this same kind of idea intending to read a story each evening. But I usually end up being too tired to read. I could listen anytime, right!