Saturday, December 11, 2010

Colorado Here We Come!


Tomorrow afternoon Kenny and I will be flying out to Colorado to spend a week with his family before Christmas. 

clock1[1] I can’t wait to get out there, If only the clock would move a little faster! I’m really looking forward to spending time with his family. I went to the Godby Family Reunion this past summer in Arkansas and had a lot of fun with them. This trip sounds like it will be a little slower paced so hopefully I’ll have a chance to get to know them even better! (except Wesley, I already know him.)

I’ll be taking my camera and computer along for the ride so watch for blog updates! (Have I mentioned recently how much I love blogging?)


  1. You got your wish, didn't you? I just hope you were packed when you got the call that you were leaving 12 hours early!

  2. Can you put Elaine and me in your suitcase? Soooo jealous...hope you have snow!

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