Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I always enjoy looking at the mountains as I’m driving to church on Sunday’s and Wednesdays. The North Carolina mountains were named well as the Blue-Ridge Mountains! But I have to confess, yesterday as I was driving thru them I thought to myself, “These aren’t mountains.” :S I used to get so mad at Kenny and Wesley when they would say that but now, after spending a week surrounded by the Colorado mountains, NC mountains don’t even compare!

PC130020These are CO mountains if you can’t tell!

Today I’m thankful for where God has me right now. I’m in NC, living at home with my Mom and Dad, preparing to marry Kenny, and working at, to me, the best place in town. I have great bosses, a great church, a wonderful family, and a loving future family. I feel very fortunate to be right where God has me, even if the mountains aren’t as great as Colorado’s!


  1. The NC mountains may not be as majestic as Colorado, but the Smokies and Blue Ridge are still my favorite and you can get to them easily!