Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ok so I’m defiantly one of those people who thinks half the fun of having a blog is decorating it! I kind of feel bad for Kenny because I have the same philosophy about a house! I love the change in seasons and holidays because it gives a good reason to re-decorate. Having said this I just remembered we need to take down the Christmas decor at Kenny’s… :)

I don’t really have anything major to blog about today just random happenings.

~Kenny and I picked out our invitations, wording, font, colors…. He was doing a really good job at pretending to be interested, I like that he is so involved in all of the planning because its not my wedding its ours :)

~Have any of you ever read some of the wording you can chose from for reply cards? I laughed so hard at this one:

Let's hear back from you
on or before MONTH DAY, YEAR
___Shoot yes, we'll be there with spurs on!
___Dangnabbit, we can't make it!
I tried to talk Kenny into this wording but he just wasn’t going for it :) *just kidding*

~Saturday I went for my wedding dress fitting, a couple more minor adjustments and I think it will be just right!

~Pastor has started a series on marriage on Sunday nights. This past Sunday evening he picked on Kenny a lot! He asked this question of several people,“How’s your love life?” meaning how is your relationship with your spouse, or future spouse in our case. As he was doing this Kenny leaned over and asked me what to say when he asked him, I just laughed and said “Well I don’t know, how is your love life?” The point of the message was that your love life with people, namely those closest to you, will only be as good as your relationship or love life with God. It was a very good message, one that has caused me to ask myself several times “How is my love life with my Savior?”

~Tax season has just gone into full swing which means the Shahan family basically drops off the face of the earth for 3 months – don’t worry we’re not tax evaders who go into hiding! My mom, Sandy, owns a tax preparing business, and my two brothers and I help her out through the busy time. Pretty much, we all go to work and come home and occasionally show up at the grocery store or fast food restaurant but only when food is a necessity. :)

~I’ve been doing fairly well with getting things organized and de-cluttered. My only major issue is knowing that I’ll be moving in a couple months and will have to re-organize it all, this is a little discouraging but exciting at the same time because of the reason I’m moving.

I hope you don’t mind but everything in this post, except taxes, has had something to do with Kenny and/or marriage…is that normal?


  1. I like your new blog look...and that you like rearranging things. Me too. Thanks for all the updates.