Monday, January 24, 2011

Marriage Counseling

I feel kind of bad because I haven’t done any real blogging lately, we’ve been busy but not with anything really worth blogging about.

~Kenny drove up to Fredericksburg, VA to buy a Honda CRV. Dad said it was “Fire Engine Red” perfect color for Kenny!

~Matt and Missy are planning on coming home for Spring Break in March {[(very excited)]}

~We went Late Night Bowling with ABC Friday night, Kenny won three categories, Highest score, Most Spares and Highest score for a couple, I helped with that one. :)

~We also went bowling with Emmanuel Baptist Church Sunday night. All the teens were in our lane or the one next to us so we did Infirmity bowling :) It was hilarious watching the teens bowl with fake injuries such as broken legs, broken arms or even blind! All the kids enjoyed playing, even the “cool” kids got in on the fun, it was a great time.

Now on to my topic for the day!

Kenny and I have been doing Pre-marital Counseling with Pastor Camp on Friday afternoons for the past 3 weeks. I have really enjoyed our time together with him and have learned A LOT! I’ve also been able to share some things with some of my co-workers which has been fun.

First, let me tell you a little about where I work. I work at a Barbershop that has only Lady Barber’s in it! We are NOT stylists or hairdressers, even though that is how we are licensed, we are Barbers. I am the youngest of the 11 ladies and 1 of 3 planning a wedding. However, I am the only one going through counseling so I’ve had the chance several times to share what I’ve been learning about having a Biblical, Christ-centered marriage. It is especially neat to me since one of these ladies has clearly told me that she doesn’t want to know anything about my religion or my God but she asks me what my Pastor talks about in counseling. I love how God can open doors that seem to be bolted shut! I hope you’ll remember to pray that the Lord would give me wisdom in this area.

Anyways, Kenny and I like to pick at each other and have fun together and Pastor Camp has picked up on this and added to the fun. One thing he says to us over and over again is; “I can see you both have fun and laugh together, don’t lose that. 35 years from now you should still be laughing together.”

It has been neat to realize not to take anything for granted or to think that Kenny thinks the same way I do. I’ve gotten myself in trouble over this one a couple times! That’s all I’m going to say about that one :) lol

I’ve also learned if you don’t know the answer to one of Pastors questions, say “communication!” chances are your right or very close.

Does anyone have some “Marriage Counseling” you’d like to offer? Or maybe something I should ask about in our next counseling session? I’d love some feedback in this area!


  1. So glad for your opportunities. What a wonderful way the Lord has opened doors for you!

  2. Becky, I wish you much happiness in your marriage. I know that there will be trials that you and Kenny will have to go through in your life together, but I also know that you are strong enough to work through them, instead of giving up(as so many couples do today). Chris and I have had bumps in our marriage, but we have worked through them and continue to do so every day. Marriage changes my life every day, as it will yours, and I think that you will rise to the challenge and enjoy it! Something to consider before the vows are spoken is how to deal with the plateaus that every couple goes through, the times when you are bored and disillusioned with each other...and how to recapture the spark that brought you together. You will learn that sometimes the embers of a relationship are even better than the flame. Always remember how to laugh at yourself and each other and that you wouldn't be who you are today without the challenges that you face(and overcome)! <3

  3. Awwww thanks Amanda! I'm so glad your going to be there to help us celebrate on our special day. It means a lot that I have friends to back me up and encourage me to work for a good marriage, Thanks for being my friend.