Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coffee Time!

After yesterday’s post about how beautiful and warm the weather has been lately, today, its still beautiful but the temperature on my way to work was way too cold for the short sleeved shirt I had planned on wearing! So what better way to warm up than a cup of coffee.

Coffee Mug 2-24I bought my first, fan club coffee mug!

What was the purpose you might ask…

  • 16oz of coffee for the price of 12oz – Like I really need the extra caffeine.
  • A punch on my card, with 6 punches I get a free cup of Joe. – I didn’t get punches before unless I paid for a larger size coffee.
  • A free cup of regular coffee just for purchasing a mug.
  • Special deals that only fan club mug holders can get :)

More coffee for less $$$ always sounds like a good deal to me!

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