Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pet Peeves and Funny Things

My Dad found this cute little article in an issue of The Reader’s Digest. I didn’t write all of them out because some of them didn’t apply to my type of business but if you’d like to look up the original article you can find it at:

Things Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You

  • I’m a beautician, not a magician. – I can give you Gisele Bundchen’s haircut, but I can’t give you her face.
  • Hairdresser school does not teach about counter-transference, projection, negative reinforcement, or personality disorders. – If your looking for a therapist, all I have is a tail comb and an opinion!
  • Some women think that if they keep their hair all one length the way it was in high school, everyone will think they’re still in high school. – Your not! As you get older, you need to soften the lines around your face. Layers are the magic remedy.
  • Bodies and hair change as hormones change. – If your hair is dry, listless, or brittle, or if it’s not holding your color or style the way it used to, see a doctor. If your hair isn’t over processed, you could be pregnant (surprise!) or menopausal (yes, I can tell.)
  • A “trim” is not “just” a trim. – It requires my expertise, skill, knowledge, and time. Would you say to your dentist, “its just a tooth,” or to your doctor, “its just a leg?”
  • If you want to buy a bottle of color and do your own hair to save a buck, you can live with the consequences.
  • Some clients will say, “Cut my hair just like you did last time.” That always baffles me. The average time between appointments is six to eight weeks. I have hundreds of clients. – How am I supposed to remember exactly how I did your hair the last time? – If you want a carbon copy of a cut and style you loved, take a picture and show me.
  • Why do you think a child’s haircut should cost less than yours? Kids don’t sit still. Kids kick. It’s an intense experience.
  • Standing all day and using scissors and a blow-dryer takes its toll – I have arthritis in my fingers, calcium deposits in my wrist, and 10 % less hearing than I used to. I am a physical wreck!

Some of these are a little on the extreme for me but I did think they were funny. I hope you enjoyed some “Hairdresser Humor.”

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