Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Week in Review

My sister’s family came down from Canada last week for Missy’s Spring Break. Here is a quick review of the fun we had!

Friday: Matt and Missy and Jonathan arrive! YAY!!!!

Saturday evening: Everyone came over for supper and then we went to my Grandma’s for cards. Everyone includes:

Robbie, Jessica, Austin and Mikaela;

Stephen and Christina;

Matt, Missy and Jonathan;

Dad, Mom and I.

Sunday Morning: Everyone (listed above) came to Emmanuel with me for church. It was really neat to have my whole family together and for them to see where Kenny and I are going to live and work!

Monday: Matt, Missy and Jonathan came to the Barbershop for haircuts :) After work Lisa, the boss of me :) was having a Celebrating Home Party, formerly known as Home Interiors, The girls from the shop surprised me with some money they collected for me to “shop” with for the evening! I bought some nice things I had my eye on in the preview catalog, I’ll blog about that later, and some candles that were on clearance sale to give as gifts at the wedding. Another exciting thing that happened Monday night was that my car sold! Praise the Lord, now begins the serious search for a new vehicle.

Tuesday evening: Jonathan’s Birthday Party!!!!!


This picture is proof that grandkids get away with EVERYTHING! I was never allowed to put my foot on the table! – not jealous.


It took a little while to figure out how to blowout the candles but he made it!


He didn’t have any problems with unwrapping his presents though.

Tuesday and Wednesday: One of the reasons Missy came down over her spring break was so we could find a dress for her to wear for the wedding… we went through at least 6 stores before finding the right dress at David’s Bridal. *sigh* Glad that’s over.

Friday: Shannon was in town for a visit(she got in Thursday afternoon) and Kenny came down from the mountains. We took Missy and Matt’s car to the car wash and then loaded Jonathan into Shannon’s convertible mustang and took off to the duck pond. I thought Jonathan might be scared but he chased all the ducks around and enjoyed watching them eat the bread. – All these pictures are on my Mom’s camera, I’ll have to upload some of those later.

Saturday Morning: We said all of our goodbye’s to Matt, Missy and Jonathan before they left for Canada.

I’d like to say life is back to normal at the Shahan house but I just don’t want to put Jonathan’s toys away yet… sniff, sniff :’( As soon as I get everything put away they’ll be back to stay again. Can’t wait!


  1. Wow, I didn't know all of that was happening! Guess Emmanuel's attendance was about doubled last week, huh? So glad about your car sellling too!

  2. Where in Canada do they live? Anywhere near us (New Brunswick)?