Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Thoughts about: Decorating and Organizing

Here recently I’ve been gathering idea’s from decorating and organizing websites and blogs for our future home. However, most of the people who have such sites own their home so they can paint, wallpaper, nail, caulk, etc. without the worry of “damaging” someone else’s house.

Just the other day I ran across a website that specializes in helping renters with decorating and organizing a rented home, working with what you’ve got and giving tips for making the most out of your space without damage to the home.

Sounds perfect right?

Unfortunately, the woman who writes the blog uses so much slang language I felt like I was digging through a pile of mud to get the small gems at the bottom. This has happened with several blogs and websites I’ve found under this topic and I just think a person should be able to get the help they’re looking for without extra, unnecessary, foul language, innuendoes' and unrelated comments added.

So I’ve decided, I’m going to…

Wing it, and blog as I go, hopefully to be a help to others in the same position… hopefully :)

Here’s some thoughts and questions I have about this:

  • Should I create a separate blog for this and keep Life in the Big City as my personal blog?
  • or Should I leave it as is and create a separate tab for decorating?
  • If I create a tab how do I go about it?
  • If I do a separate blog what should I name it?
  • Those of you who have more than one blog, how hard is it to keep up with?
  • Do you face any major problems having two blogs instead of just one?
  • Is this idea of mine something that my current readers would be interested in if I added it to this blog instead of creating a separate one?

I’m looking for any kind of feed back, if you have comments, suggestions, answers to any or all of my questions, Please leave me a comment or shoot me an email!


  1. Okay - having two blogs is a lot to keep up with. I think you should decide based on how often you want to blog about decorating. I write about cloth diapers, and I know A LOT about them, but sometimes I feel like there is nothing new to say on the topic, so there is nothing to blog about.
    About has to be a static page. So you could put the decorating posts there using a label, but they would still go on the main page of your blog every time you publish something new. Check out Mom's blog and the "cards" tab to see how it would work.
    I guess that makes my vote to keep it all on one blog, unless you are wanting to use Google Ads and possibly drum up some extra money. Then you need to have a separate blog, and promote it a lot to get followers, advertisers, sponsors, etc.

  2. I say, keep it together...and ask Andrea how to add a tab. I thought of doing just a card blog because those posts might seem boring to those who want to see just family stuff. But, hey, I'm a package deal! Andrea did say it is hard to have two blogs going.

  3. I think the big thing to think about it, do I have enough material and knowledge to start another blog? Are you going to be doing projects and taking pictures to show people? Because thats what people want to putting it all into action! Joy of "Color in my Piano" has blogged several times about starting a new blog...I think she has some great advice! She is speaking from a piano teachers perspective, but the stuff about blogs applies to all. If you do decide to start a second blog, I encourage you to go read her posts on the subject. Good luck!

  4. what kind of slang do you mean? Blogging slang? If you email me, I can help you figure some of it out. But, it is frustrating to read a blog if you can't figure out what they are talking about. I think I know what you mean about the extra, unnecessary comments, though. I try not to do that on mine, lol.

    I have more than 1 blog, and it's very, very hard to keep up with the other ones besides my Handy Man site (that one takes the most work.) I've basically neglected my other ones. Maybe add a section to this blog?