Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I’m Back!

Ok, so its been a REALLY long time since I blogged! So I have a lot of catching up to do, hang on tight!

P6090035 Some where around the last full week of May I bought a car! With all different kinds of help from Kenny, his Dad and my Dad. This picture was taken outside of the house we stayed in for our honeymoon… more on that later. The car is a 1999 Nissan Ultima and I love it!

In the same week I bought a car my Sister and Brother-in-law moved down to NC from Canada. We got them all moved into their house and Missy started helping Mom and I with the last minute wedding prep. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of this :S

I also don’t have any of our wedding pictures to show you yet but if you’d like to see what my Mom-in-law and Sis-in-law took you can check out their blogs: Apple Slices of our Life is Mom Godby’s blog, you can read and see pictures of their trip out here for our wedding as well as their 30th Anniversary trip up to Mackinac Island, MI! Random Issues is Andrea’s blog she tells some about their trip and trying to keep Elaine (she’s my new 1 year old niece!) entertained on the long journey!

Ok now to the fun part: Our Honeymoon!

For those of you who were wondering we went to a Bed and Breakfast type place in Landrum, SC for our first two nights and the traveled down to Panama City Beach, FL for the rest of our trip.

P6040001 Here’s our first “self-portrait” as a married couple, leaving the church

P6050002 P6050005 P6050003 P6050007

And this is the car… They had not only written all over it but they filled it with balloons as well! Andrea has a great picture of us trying to get the balloons out and get in the car while people are throwing birdseed at us… classic wedding moment :)

Well I’m going to stop there for now, hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a post out about where we went for our honeymoon.

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