Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Honeymoon

logo-all-winstons-143x256-revised-080116 Like I said in yesterdays post we spent our first two nights at a bed a breakfast called The Red Horse Inn and it was amazing! If your looking for a nice place to get away this place would be at the top of my list.



It was a beautiful room with a private balcony and entrance. They put breakfast in our mini fridge РQuich̩, muffins, fruit, OJ and even some chocolate covered strawberries with a congrats sign :) like I said it was very nice :)

We left the Inn early Monday morning for Panama City Beach, FLP6100042 This is the only picture I took on our 8 hour drive (I slept most of the way)

We got into town at 10am (with the time change) and went to the house we rented for the week.

P6090035  P6100041 P6100040 It had two bedrooms(one of which became our suitcase and dirty clothes room) 1 1/2 baths a nice spacious kitchen and living room, it was like home away from home :) except for the fact that we were only a block away from the beach and our real home is in the mountains!

… This is the part were I tell on myself :S … We had signed up to get our scuba certification in Florida, it was a three day, fast pace class; we had already finished the classroom part online and just had to do our pool and open water dives. Our first pool dive was on Monday at 12 pm. After stopping by the house and grabbing a change of clothes for scuba we took off to do our pool dives. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the dives and we didn’t get our certification – but I am planning on trying again in a slower paced class! So instead of diving for three days we rented scooters on Tuesday,

  DSC00433 DSC00435

and drove to a National park along the beach which just happened to have a Gator Pond that you could hike around!

DSC00419 DSC00429 DSC00428

Can you see the gator in the water??? 30ft was about as close as I was going, I just knew he was the decoy and there was another one lurking in the bushes waiting for curious tourists!


DSC00421  DSC00420


We also had a lot of fun just climbing in the trees :)





After the gators we went a little further in the park to a place called the Jetty’s – basically a beach with a stone reef around one side in the water. -

 DSC00432 We played around in the water for a couple of hours before heading back to Red Robin for supper… YUM!

DSC00438 On Wednesday we took a Jet ski, dolphin tour! The dolphins would hear the noise of the jet ski and would swim right up to us, it was really neat. P6080014 While on the tour we stopped at Shell Island, a very small strip of land with 2-3 mansions on it.

P6080020P6080018P6080025 P6080029 Here’s the Hermit Crab Kenny found, he found a lot more Thursday when we went snorkeling!

Thursday morning, before we went snorkeling, we went to this Donuts, Burgers and Fish shop just down the street from our house and it was so good we went there for lunch on Thursday and breakfast Friday morning as well!

 P6090033 P6090034 P6090037 I had to add just one picture to make you really drool :)

Friday Morning (after another amazing breakfast at the donut shop) we loaded up the car and made the trip home. Tomorrow, or maybe Friday, I’ll start our home tour but I’m going to apologize now for not taking any before pictures of what we’ve done, you’ll just be left to wonder about what our house looked like before! Until then I hope you have a wonderful day!

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