Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday – 2 in 1

I’m adding my thankful Thursday from last week that somehow missed being posted to this weeks :) Hope you don’t mind reading our double blessing :)

Have you ever had one of those occasions where things didn’t go as planned but in the end they turned out better than planned? That is what happened yesterday (June 23, this part is last weeks post)

I wasn’t feeling well (random flu bug I think, much better now, thanks for asking) so I stayed home from church. Not really what I wanted to do, I would have liked to have gone and worked with the teens with Kenny but the Lord had much better plans in store! Apparently several of our teens where also out of church that night so only Kenny, the pastor’s son Brock, and Dustin where in teen class. I guess since it was just the two boys Kenny ditched his lesson and went another route. He asked both boys to share their personal testimonies of how they accepted Christ, Dustin replied that he had never done that and Kenny was then able to lead him to the Lord!

Now for today’s blessing… I’m actually going to link you to Andrea's Blog so you can read about our entire families new little blessing! Enjoy :)

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