Friday, August 19, 2011

Camp Crossroads 2011

I’m sorry this is soooo late! But better late than never right? Kenny and I took 6 teenagers from our church to Camp Crossroads in Danielstown, GA, the last week of July. P7240002

We left Sunday, July 24th after the morning service.

Here is Emily between Sunday School and the morning service writing on the van.


Kenny had everyone wear our T.E.A.M. 412 t-shirts for the trip down to Georgia.

Taylor and Brandon ducked out of this picture :S

Kenny and I were both counselors for the week and  DSC01038somehow ended up being team leaders as well… for the BLUE team! (if you know my husband you’d know his favorite color is red, it was even our main wedding color because he likes red so much!) Kenny said he only brought 2 blue shirts with him for the week so here he is trying to make himself look blue!

There were 13 girls in my cabin plus myself and another counselor, and only 2 bathrooms! I was getting up at 5-5:30 am so I could get a shower before the girls started getting up.

DSC00860Its ok though, I enjoyed some really nice sunrises!

We enjoyed all sorts of things at camp.









Relay Race







  P7290058P7290072Frozen T-shirt Contest






DSC00822 DSC00821






Music and Preaching:

DSC00848 DSC00851 DSC00864 DSC00897 DSC01004 DSC00824 DSC01051 DSC01047

And Morning Devotions:

DSC00937 DSC00936

We also spent one whole day at Six Flags over Georgia!


This is the girl I was able to lead to the Lord DSC01031

All in all we had an amazing week. The teens had a blast but more importantly there were 13 teens that accepted Christ and many, many other decisions to stand up and live for Christ.

Thank you all so much for your prayers on our behalf!

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