Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teen Room

I still have a couple more things I’d like to do to this room before I’m “Finished” but here is what I’ve done so far.


This is what the teen room door used to look like, front and back (actually this is Kenny’s office door front and back because I forgot to get the original pictures before, but you get the idea).P8170002-1

This is the inside (back) of the door. I used Chalkboard paint on the door so when the teens feel the urge to color on the door they can now wash it off when they are done. Also its been a great place to post notes to the teens about memory verses.

We have some bright colored paint that was used in the children’s Sunday School classroom I think I might use as a border around the edge of the door. It just feels like its missing something.


Here is the front of the door where the teens and their parents can see what activities are coming up soon and how they are doing in the points area.

I have plans to make little ninja’s out of scrapbook paper for each of our teens to post their points on.



This is the wall next to the door. It will be used for a collage’ of our different youth activities.



P8170004I didn’t set this up but I think its a great idea. this is where the teens can get information on different Christian and Bible Colleges. And of course its set up near the well used foosball table :)

Those are some of the projects I’ve been working on and I still have some left to do but I’ll keep ya posted!

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