Monday, August 29, 2011

RU Sunday

Our church has had an RU program (Reformers Unanimous, Drug Addictions program) for one year now. Yesterday we had an RU Celebration Sunday, this is just a full Sunday devoted to those in our RU program and the things they have overcome through Jesus Christ. One thing I really like about the program is that it doesn’t focus on the addict or the addiction and how to overcome, but rather, it focuses on the addict and their relationship with God and how He is the only one that can break the chains of addiction in a Believer’s life.

Its not about Sobriety, its about the Changed Life.”

One of the first things we did were cardboard testimonies. I’ve included a link to a video on youtube that was made by Reformers Unanimous about Card Board Testimonies.

Here are some pictures of us preparing on Tuesday night for our own cardboard testimonies.




Here is Preacher looking in dismay at the piece of cardboard he had messed up on.





Several Ladies asked me to write their sign for them.






Brock and Jon-Jon Coming up with what to write on their signs.






Brother Keith still thinking of what to write on his sign.




The special speaker for the day was Dr. George Crabb, he is a Dr. who specializes in addiction medication. He spoke for all three services and showed in scripture where drug abuse – even of prescription drugs – is Biblically wrong. God uses pain and suffering in our lives to help us grow spiritually and be able to sympathize with others who, in the future, will experience what we are going through. During the evening service he had a question and answer time where anyone could ask any question about medications, drug abuse, and what the Bible says.

It was a great day and we had a good turn out and several people said that they received help from what Dr. Crabb talked about.

Cindy, our Pastor’s wife took pictures during the service so when I get those from her I’ll post those for you all to see.

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