Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Take a Tour Tuesday – Living Room

Sorry I flaked out on you last week. We were really busy with RU and the Teens but I’m back and here is our Living Room for you to take a peek at :)


Here is the view from our bedroom door – Yes we moved the living room around… again :) but I think its going to be like this for a while (especially since Kenny put hooks up for the surround sound wires and speakers).



These are the only two pictures I have up on the wall :S (I’m still working on the decorating part) but I have a really good idea that I’ll be sharing soon… as soon as I get the pictures taken!




This picture is taken from the Dining room (which you will get to see very soon)






Here is a closer shot of the entertainment center. I really love that you can just barely see the cords! Kenny did a really good job at hiding/tacking those up. :)



Next week I’ll be showing the Dining Room. I’m really enjoying getting to show off our house, and I hope your enjoying taking a peak. What I’m really excited about is showing you some of the projects I have whizzing around in my mind like picture idea’s, fall decorating, and DIY projects to make our home pretty :) Until then… :)

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