Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take a Tour Tuesday – Kitchen & Dining Room

Well we had a great Labor Day at our house with my family. Everyone but my sister got to come up for the day for card games, good food and fellowship. But now I’m going to hurry and put out my blog post for today so I can tidy up my house – it doesn’t look anything like it does in the pictures right now :S

So here is the dining room:

DSC01087 DSC01115








And the Kitchen:

















The shelf was made for me as a wedding gift – That I LOVE! Its my “thing that you have that has a million colors on it so it pulls all the colors in the house together” item :) Normally you would have a throw pillow or curtains, I have a shelf :)

As for the refrigerator, that is Command Central! I keep our menu and grocery list on the side with post-it© notes and pens and on the front are the pictures of my family (mostly of the nephews and nieces) as well as the big note board with a pocket on the front. The pocket is where i keep the 3x5 cards, one for each of our teenagers, so they are constantly on my mind throughout the day.

That's all for today, now time to go clean my kitchen! :)

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