Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursdays – Conviction

Doing daily devotions has never been easy for me to continually do. I’ll start doing them faithfully for a week or two and then I get “busy.”

“If your too busy to spend time with God then your too busy!”

Well this past week I was once again too busy until Tuesday. I worked at our churches day care to fill in for a lady that was out sick. One of the teens from our youth group came in and excitedly told me that her and her friend had done their devotions for two days now and were going to help each other remember to do them on a regular basis. I was excited for their progress but felt about 1 inch tall at the same time. That night I was at the RU meeting and in the Challenge Group section of our evening Mrs. Judy, the ladies Group Leader, talked about reading her Bible and doing the RU challenges. She said,

 “I can’t expect you all to do what I’m not already doing.”

Ouch! I’m constantly asking the teens if they’ve done their devotions. Then the final blow, the message at the end of the night. What was the message about? Prayer and Faithfulness… Now down to 1/8 inch tall I went home and asked the Lord for help in this area of my life.

With the Lords help I am starting again but this time with a plan. I finished the Proverbs 31 study, I had started on ROH, yesterday, and today I started a study on the book of James. The book is a Teen study guide that Kenny recommended. I’m also asking different Ladies, who are spiritual giants to me, to help keep me accountable in this area.

The thankful part of this post is that God is still working on me! I think it is always neat to see what God uses, or brings into my life, to direct me back to Him.

* I’ve had different people ask me why I blog about my “personal, spiritual issues.” the answer is that I want others to know that I’m not perfect, I have things that I struggle with and God is constantly working on me. I blog about these things because maybe someone else is “too busy” or has stumbled for another reason. My prayer is that they might be encouraged by my experience and that they don’t give up in their walk with God.

So what have you been doing in your devotions recently?

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  1. Becky, I too struggled for many years (mainly in respect to meaningful devos) until Mrs. Surrett spoke at Sara's Daughters about a method she got from Mardi Collier at The Wilds. Mrs. Collier wrote a book called, "What Do I Know About My God" that book helped me so much. Get it & read it! I promise it will be a great blessing to you!

    Mrs. Lynn