Friday, October 28, 2011

Business Opportunity – Opinions Needed

I am considering opening an Etsy© Store to sell some of my photography. To be completely honest I’m a little nervous about putting myself “out there.” :S What I’m asking for here is just an honest opinion of whether you all think I could make a go of this as a small business. – I really do what an Honest Opinion, if you don’t think it’ll work or if you have suggestion for improvement I’d be glad to hear your idea’s :) Anyways that’s enough said here are some of the pictures:

Copy of DSC01249 DSC01170 DSC01244 DSC01254I wouldn’t be my Father’s child if I didn’t include a cup of COFFEE :)

 DSC01255 DSC01264 DSC01273   DSC00411 DSC00539 IMG_2102 PC160028

  I would appreciate if you passed the word around to get others to view my pictures, in an effort to receive unbiased opinions as to whether you all think these will sell.  These photos are only posted here, on my blog.

Thank you all, in advance, for taking the time to look and review my work.


  1. In seems you have an eye for photography. I think the photos are eye catching and interesting. In my humble opinion, I think they would sell.

  2. I think you out to maybe consider selling though some stock photography sites as well. My only thing I would think on Etsy is most people will be looking for physical prints in frames where as on stock photography sites businesses will buy your pictures and use them for anything they wish without you having to worry about making the prints or framing them.

  3. I love them!! Great job, girl!

  4. I love the pictures! you have a good eye for the color and beauty God's creation!

  5. Hey! They are not that bad. You've got a good start. Have you ever taken or thought about taking a photography class? It will help you a lot (especially if you are wanting to do professional ones or want to take more creative ones). Maybe even get into Lightroom or Photoshop (it's amazing what you can do with those programs). I know from experience they really help, and they are a lot fun!!!

  6. I would say go for it! and agree w/ Kaitlin on taking a class -- if you don't pursue this you will always wonder....what if I had...