Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

Things here in the mountains have been super busy, as it has been, I'm sure, for every one, every where! Kenny and I will be spending Christmas Eve at my grandparents house with ALL of my side of the family (except one cousin, she's just coming a couple days late). Christmas Day, however, Kenny and I will be spending together, combining our families traditions and trying to create some of our own as well, I'll tell you about what all we decide to do later on.
For today, as our church is preparing to head out Christmas Caroling around town I wanted to share a quote I found that doesn't sound like a bad idea to start doing.
"Christmas Tradition:
Sit with husband in a room lit only by tree lights
and remember that our blessings
out number the lights."
-Betsy Canos Garmon
Our church has seen over 20 people come to know the Lord this year as their personal Savior. It has been neat to watch whole families enjoy their first "Christian Christmas." We truly are over whelmed by God's goodness and blessings!
Merry Christmas everyone and remember to thank the Lord, if for nothing else, than the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ coming to die to save us from our sins.
Love Always,
Kenny & Becky

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  1. I like your quote. I am going to borrow it if that's OK. What a blessing to know that so many have been saved. Yes, God does daily load us with his goodness!