Thursday, January 19, 2012

Over due update - Its been a while!

Wow, its been so long since I’ve been on here I bet you thought I forgot how to blog! (hee hee hee) we have been uber busy these past SEVERAL weeks, just like I’m sure everyone out there in blogger land has been. So what’s my excuse? I don’t have one, sorry :S

Just a {very} quick recap of what’s been going on at the Kenneth Godby house….

Christmas – yeah we were both sick :S but it was a memory we will never forget! We spent Christmas Eve with (almost) my entire family. Just one cousin and her immediate fam were missing but they came for a visit a couple days later so that was super nice :) then Christmas Day we had a Sunday morning service (that I spent on the couch in Pastor’s office :S) and then Kenny and I spent the rest of the day together watching Christmas movies and eating Fondue (a Godby family tradition that is totally yummy!)

New Years – Since New Years Eve fell on a Saturday night we decided to have the teens over on Friday night. We had a blast even though only 4 teens showed up – Oh well, more junk food for me!

Men’s shoot out/Wild Game feast/Winter Revival – I guess Kenny was knocked out of the shoot out in the first round (don’t tell him I told you) but they all enjoyed the fellowship and food. After the shoot out and dinner Bobby Sanders preached to the men to kick off our Winter Revival. We also had a service Saturday night that was blessed with snow but those who chose to come out heard some very good and convicting preaching. We ended our Winter Revival with a day of preaching Sunday.

That’s pretty much the end of my update. Next week Pastor Haley has deemed “Planning Week” for Emmanuel Baptist Church staff members. So we’ll be going down Thursday, after I get off work, for a short get away/planning retreat in S.C. If I don’t go on another vacation from blogging I’ll have to let you know some of the goodies that come from our planning :) Until then,

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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