Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Steps: Cleaning My Heart and Home – Day 5

What we’re doing so far:

  • Getting Dressed to lace up shoes
  • Keeping our sink shining
  • Reading Flylady’s messages
  • Looking at our posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom

Day 5 – Turn Negative Thoughts Around

Take any negative thoughts about getting your house clean and turn them around into a “You can” attitude. You may be thinking “this is dumb” or “I can’t do this” maybe your thinking that you’ll never make it all the way through the 31 days – may I remind you that this is my 3rd time doing this and each time I’ve learned valuable lessons and gotten a little farther each time. So its definitely worth the effort. Whatever it is that your thinking, negativity will never get us anywhere. The Baby Step for today is to write those negative thoughts down and turn them into something positive – think optimistically, glass half-full sort of thing!

(These next statements are my own opinion and not affiliated with

There are times in our Christian walk when the devil tries to tell us that we can’t do it, we’ll never amount to much for God so we should just give up. Let me just say that this way of thinking is STINKIN’ THINKIN’! And, for the record its just what the devil wants us to do, to give up because if we’re not doing anything for Christ then he wins… that’s not a good thing! As Christians we’re not supposed to rely on our own power to do things for Christ anyways. The Bible says;

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13

That “through Christ” means through His power, His strength, not mine. This is is such a familiar verse but it is so true. when we rely on God, He, in return, gives the strength to do and go and serve Him. When Satan comes around and tries to tempt you with stinkin’ thinkin’ send him running with verses from God’s Word. Our baby step for today says we should write down our negative thoughts and turn them around to something positive, a good idea might be to write down those stinkin’ thinkin’ moments and then write down scripture to combat them. Christ used scripture in Matthew 4 to combat Satan when he came three different times to tempt Him. I have written in my Bible that “God’s Word is the greatest tool to fight the devil.” If Christ used it then so should we! Fight off that Stinkin’ Thinkin’ and do something for the Lord today!

What do you do to fight off Negative (stinkin’ thinkin”) thoughts?

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