Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Steps: Cleaning My Heart and Home – Day 7

Sorry I had some difficulties posting this weekend and didn’t get it resolved until Sunday… At least I think its resolved :S I’ll just be picking up with Flylady where we left off last Wednesday instead of trying to catch back up. Just for the record if you are doing the Baby steps with me you can go straight to her website: and click on the “Beginner Baby Steps” tab and read everything for yourself as well as do it at your own pace.

Now that that’s taken care of… So far we are:

  • Read your Bible
  • Getting dressed to lace-up shoes
  • Keeping our sink shining
  • Going to Big Tent and reading messages
  • Looking at our posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Recognizing the negative voices and changing them so you can FLY!
  • Put out your Hot Spot for two minutes. Just pick one!

Day 7 – Pick out your clothes for tomorrow

Flylady's day 7 instructions

Tonight before you go to bed pick out what your going to wear tomorrow and either hang it on a door or lay it out in your bedroom. This, for some reason is the hardest for me but the best because if I take the time to pick out my clothes the night before the next morning goes SOOOO much better! I also find that when I pick my clothes out ahead of time I have less excuses for not reading my Bible… Just sayin!

(The next statements are my own personal opinion and views and not affiliated with

I was reading a chapter from “Nevertheless I Live" the book we use in RU, and was struck by this statement;

You will never do the things God wants you to do until you do the things God wants you to do even when you don’t want to.”

Its a little confusing but the idea is that if your not willing to do what God wants you to do then you wont do anything. Just like Flylady, there are things that I think “do I really have to do this every day?” If I want my house to be clean, if I want to develop the habits that will help me keep it clean, then yes, I do have to do these baby steps everyday! This is the principle of being faithful in small things so God can use you in the big things. Today, and everyday, lets focus on being dedicated to doing what we know we should do so we can go on to do what God wants us to do

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