Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I decided to take a break and show you some of our packing progress. To be very honest, at the moment, I feel like I’m doing all this packing but I’m not even making a dent in all of our stuff :/ what’s worse is I also feel like I’m in a non-stop mess! But don’t worry I know I’m making progress and things will look a lot better around here after the “Donate” pile has been hauled off and the “Sell” pile is going down. Any ways here are some pictures if your interested… and some helpful (at least I thought they were) moving tips I’ve gotten all over the place!

DSC01753 The “Donate/Sell” Pile – it pretty much takes up the whole room!

DSC01752- My Packing Station -

DSC01754  Former “Man Cave” now my stash for already packed boxes.


Now here are the Tips:

  • DSC01755 Use small boxes to pack books. This may sound like an inconvenience to pack several small boxes with books but them being small will save your back later as you load and unload your truck! FYI we went to our local grocery store and asked for milk boxes and they gave them to us for free! Can’t beat that deal. – This back saver came from Pastor Mike Haley, being a Pastor he has moved a lot of books through several different moves so I think he would know how to best do that.
  • Wrap/Pack glasses, dishes, and breakables in plastic grocery bags. They are way cleaner than newspaper and allow for a tiny bit of jiggle room in your boxes so things are less likely to break (of course you still want to pack things tightly) and for the best reason, they are free at the grocery store just start saving them as you purchase things and ask your friends to do the same. – This one comes from my Grandma who has moved many, many times and has experienced little to no loss of her numerous dishes!
  • Pack dresser drawers (any drawers for that matter) and cabinets as full as you can. No sense in wasting that empty space, fill it with things you are taking with you any way. – I think this one came from my Mom who moved around a lot as a child/teen/young adult.DSC01751
  • Place pictures and other flat items in-between blankets, sheets and pillows to keep them protected. Just be careful when your un-wrapping! – this one came from my friend, Sabrina, who has also moved several times with her former Marine hubby.
  • Use the “Color Coding” system. Pick a color for each room of your new house, (i.e. Yellow – Kitchen, Blue –  Garage, etc.) then label your boxes accordingly – I got this hint online somewhere but I can’t remember where so I could give them credit for an awesome idea
  • On my colored pieces of paper I’ve also been labeling what is in each box so when we get there it will be easier to find what is needed instead of having to unpack every box right away. – This one is from Mom (she’s a super woman when it comes to packing things!)

Well that is the end of my borrowed brilliance! Any other tips I should know or could add to my list?



  1. MOVING? Where are you moving to?? I've moved 8 times in almost 13 years of married life so I hear you on the "moving" thing:-)

    1. We are moving to pembroke pines, near Miami Florida. Kenny has taken an assistant pastor position at a church.

  2. Becky, it is helpful to keep a box or two of items you will need right away, dishes enough to make a few easy meals, personal items, a little entertainment for after the long moving day, and cleaning supplies. There is nothing more discouraging than getting to your new home and finding that you have no idea where your toilet paper and dish soap is! Or that you can't find your sheets. I always pack one drawer in the dresser with fresh sheets, towels, and toiletries so that it is all together, and put together my first three meals with non-perishable food items and dishes to cook them in. :) Hope this helps love you sister.

  3. I've used the plastic bags for dishes. It was the easiest unpack ever!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage