Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saying Goodbye

I hate saying goodbye :( its definitely not fun at all! As excited as Kenny and I are about our move to Florida, and all the new things and people that will bring, we will still miss the people we have gotten to know and the memories of living where we are now.

Kenny and I dated and got married here, we were in our first ministry together here, and met a lot of wonderful people that will forever hold a place in our hearts. That is all very hard to leave behind, but moving has been and will continue to be a growing experience for us both.

Someone jokingly said to Kenny and I that packing up all of your worldly possessions and moving will either make or break a marriage, I’m beginning to agree with that statement! Its almost comical how differently Kenny and I have approached moving and I think we have both agreed that if we ever move again we are hiring someone to come in, pack everything up and move it all for us! (Don’t worry our marriage isn’t on the rocks and we won’t be needing counseling after this ordeal, I’m just not doing it again!)

All joking aside, I did want to thank each one of you who have prayed for us and with us over the decisions that lead up to this move, those who helped us pack and offered helpful advice with coffee breaks, those who are coming to load the truck and those who just wished they could be here to throw popcorn during the communication break down spots :) We have been so blessed to have each one of you in our lives and I don’t know how I could have done it without you.

This will be my last post until we get to Florida so I’ll {try} to take pictures and give you all the details, along with a tour of the new house, when we get there. Until then, I’m Florida bound, let the “flor-idiot” jokes begin!


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