Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our House - Kitchen, Living & Dining Rooms

Sorry about not posting anything yesterday – I know your all just dying to see the rest of our house, right? We’ll start this morning with the Living Room. Keep in mind I still have a loooong way to go :/

DSC01879 We plan on getting a couch somewhere in the near future because the one that was given to us didn’t quite fit on the truck… Anyways that will go underneath the collage and the chairs will move to either side or depending on the size of the couch Kenny says the plaid chair will have to go… But I thought, if that was the case, I could move the chair into our bedroom where the tall mirror is… I don’t know we’ll just have to wait and see :) To finish the collage off I’m planning on using my Cricuit to make “~est. 2011~” to fill the gap between the pictures and the chair.

DSC01884This is a little closet, on the way to our room, that houses games, extra kitchen stuff (crockpot, whirly-pop, etc) and my dust mop and vacuum. Opposite this wall… again no picture (epic fail) I’m thinking of doing another collage but with more sayings and less pictures like this one on Pinterest.

DSC01880 Turning on around I, again have a blank space above the TV that I’m not sure what to do with or if I even should do something with it :/ On the wall next to the door I like this kind of wall organizer but in white.

DSC01883 Moving on to the dining room, another blank canvas (I would normally have cleared off the table but its kind of become the home office until we get the office/craft room set up – it still has boxes everywhere for Kenny’s office at the church, working on that) On the short wall to the left of the picture I would like to find a small side board, or something similar, for my extra dishes or a small bench with a hide-a-way for shoes maybe something like this. On the far wall I was looking at a sign or lettering something like this, also from pinterest.

DSC01885 Next up is the Kitchen, (hold on because I have a lot of pinterest idea’s for this room!) as you can see I have a nice little window looking into the dining room also the closet door is my little pantry. I’ve had to brush up on my organizing techniques to be able to get everything in here – and I’m still working on that too! On the far wall, behind the ceiling lamp I have plans for some open shelving like this.

DSC01886 I feel like I have a lot of “stuff” sitting around right now, some of the things on top of the cabinets will go on the shelves I’m wanting to build but that still doesn’t free up the counter space for me. My other plan is to try and find a bakers rack type thing to move my toaster, coffee pot and cook books to, that will move quite a bit off the counters for me. Then to decorate I like something like this but using more colors.

Three more rooms down and a lot of more ideas to go… Hope your having a wonder Valentines Day!


  1. Need a bigger TV for that wall, say a 100" LED.

  2. As soon as I saw that picture with the red plaid chair, I thought to myself, "I love that chair!" I can't understand why Kenny doesn' is RED after all! I love the look of a contrasting piece like that. I also love the collage you have above it...super cute!

    Everything is looking nice so far, can't wait to see what you do in the days to come. Looking at these pictures makes me miss living in Florida!! :( Enjoy some of the sunshine for me!!!