Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our House – Guest Bedroom & Outside

I’m skipping over the office and the garage right now because they are still in disarray :( We are still waiting for Kenny’s office at the church to be ready for us to move his boxes of books and filing cabinet into and the garage needs some rearranging before I show that to anyone! I’m also skipping the guest bath for now because its the same as before (I haven’t even bought a shower curtain for it yet) So the only other room to show you is the guest bedroom and the outside.

DSC01891Nothing very exciting just a place to sleep for any of our teens or friends who want to come visit. I do plan on putting a lamp and clock in here along with a picture or two on the walls.

DSC01892  This room also has a nice big closet which we are using to store jackets and blankets (for which I was made fun of for bringing to Florida!) In my experience with teenagers…. if you have a sleepover someone always forgets to bring their pillow or something to sleep on. Sooner or later these blankets will come in handy!

Next is the outside (my personal fave!) We were really blessed to get this house not only for its size and affordability but also…

 DSC01860  …because this is my backyard!


We have a nice little patio right outside the sliding glass door in our living room, and the door you see on the right is a little storage room for garden hoses, ladder, we probably could keep the grill in there (I don’t really know because I’ve never actually looked in there)

DSC01868 Here is the front of the house (again, sorry this picture is from when we moved in). The Penske truck is blocking the garage door but that is our driveway and you walk to the right around the front of our house to get to the front door (weird set up, I know).


And here is the rest of the walkway up to our front door. I’d like to put something our front with our house number on it I really like these ideas I saw on pinterest 10 fabulous planter ideasfor the front door/walkway area.

DIY: Column stand with a sign that can be changed with the seasons. Front porch!

I also have a little strip of “garden” area along the front of the house. Don’t know for sure if I could do this or if its too big of a goal for me but I really like something like this around that front window. I’d probably do something low maintenance like morning glories – if they can even grow here :/

Joseph's coat climbing rose

…or maybe just start with a window box or two and go from there!

Anyways, that’s our house. I hope to have the office ready sometime this week to give you a picture of, as for the garage I think that might be a weekend project. Once I have all the house pictures for you I’ll start taking photos of the church so you all can see what we do!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our house tour. Come back to see the projects and decorations I choose for all those “blank” places!

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  1. Very nice!

    Looking forward to the "deco" posts. :)