Friday, August 9, 2013

New Cleaning Schedule

I realize that I’ve been away for a while… but that’s a post for another time. Right now, and over the next couple days I’d like to share some of the things I’ve been working on and what has been occupying {some} of my time. BTW I can promise that I will actually post things every couple of days because the posts are already written out and scheduled to appear an the appointed time! (Oh the cleverness of me!)

I have been working on finding my “nitch” since we moved to Florida, I’m no longer working outside of our home so “our home” has really become my focus. Since a big part of my new focus revolves around cleaning La Godby Casa, and because I’m a nerd when it comes to having a handy dandy list/schedule, I found this list at my friend Danielle's blog Snippets of Inspiration.

I absolutely {Love} her take on a cleaning schedule. She has a Morning and Evening routine and a weekly routine that covers the entire house! I did a little tweaking to make it a list that would work for my house and my schedule and here is the end result.


So there it is, my weekly schedule! You might say “1 load of laundry a day?” yep its kind of like “an apple a day…” 1 load of laundry every day keeps me from spending all day Saturday doing a weeks worth of laundry. Obviously, since there are only two of us, and the dog, I don’t do a load of clothes, if my laundry hampers {yes, hamper(s) you read that right, I have three: Darks, Lights and Colors, cuts out the sorting step as long as we each get our clothes in the right hamper.) are not full I may wash the small rugs or bath mats instead.

Another question you might have “You vacuum every day too!” Yeppers! We have a Sheltie (A.K.A walking fur ball) if I don’t vacuum at least every other day my house turns into a really bad western movie with Bella fur balls rolling in the wind like tumbleweed!

As for my weekly schedule, the line up really is nice, for me anyways! I chose Monday to be a “fun” day because Sunday can be a really long day for us with Kenny’s responsibilities at the church. Don’t feel sorry for me though, we completely and totally {Love} what we’re doing! Still, its nice to be able to plan an “off” day to get done just what I want to do and nothing else!

One of the things that I love about this list is the “Swing Day.”  (Danielle is the master-mind behind this idea) Because of the Swing Day I can deep clean my house a little bit at a time, just once a week, it really is great! For those of you who know me, don’t look too closely at my yard… I’m planning on integrating that into my schedule soon!

The rest is pretty self explanatory, as you can see this is a fairly easy list to follow mostly because if something does not get done on the day its planned it gets taken care of the next time around! I hope you liked my Cleaning Schedule, please feel free to use this or share it with someone else. Also, take time and see where my inspiration came from at Snippets of Inspiration she has tons of great idea’s, useful tips, recipe’s, the works!

Hasta Luego


  1. I love this schedule! It's great that you built in a Craft Day. The fun stuff gets neglected sometimes, but we need it. Not sure if I could vacuum our whole house every day, though. Maybe upstairs one day and downstairs the next. Thanks for sharing!

    1. In reality I try to vacuum the main areas through the whole house (its a small-ish house) But if that doesn't all get done I pick up the next day where I left off. Also, because of our dog, it is more of a need for us, but less so for others, so I make it a personal priority. :) Thanks for stopping by!