Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finished Guest Bathroom

A week (or two, sorry) ago I showed you our guest bathroom and said that I had a couple more projects up my sleeve for the room…. Well a clearance sale or two later and someone just giving some things away and all those plans made way for what is now our finished bathroom – except for a rug but who cares about the floor, right?

Moving In This is the before and after shot I left you with last time. To be very honest I still need to go back and touch up the ceiling where I bumped it with the green paint roller! Any hoo…. Here is the completed product!

DSC01971 Its funny how just one or two small things can make a big difference in how something looks.

DSC01973 This is the only thing that I have added to this room, but again, seriously, it really give it the finished feel I was wanting. Now for the price total a whole, whopping $1.50! The mirrored window was from our pastor’s wife who was getting rid of a few things (you’ll be seeing more from her later) the little flower arrangement I made from an old perfume bottle that I told you about here, and my $3.50 bird which was on clearance and a store closing sale making it only $1.50ish. I think my purchase is more than worth the happy feeling I get walking past this bathroom! Now how about one last look-see?

2013-03-23 (sorry, this turned out a little smaller than I ment for it too :s) Still this is my new “Happy Place!”

Found any good bargains that made you happy recently?

I’ll be hooking up to A Living Sacrifice's Home Improvement Linky Party, Thursday, March 28th. Please Check it out and link up some project that you’ve been working on! Big or little I’d love to see you there!

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  1. I love how it turned out, and can't wait to see what you do with other areas of your home! Thanks for linking up! =)