Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DIY – Bath Soak & Sugar Foot Scrub

Ok as of right now none of my bridesmaids or ladies helping with the wedding can read this post! :) Just Kidding :)
I mentioned yesterday in my quick update on our lives that I had made gifts to give out at the wedding and these are two of them. First I show you my really cute jars and then give you the recipe’s for the Bath Soak and Sugar Scrub (so if your just here to get a really good, easy-peasy recipe’ you now know where to find it!)

First, I measured the jar lids and drew all the circles on the back of scrapbook paper then cut them out. – I told you this was going to be really simple! 

After that I hot glued just one edge of the label, recipe’ facing down, to the jar lid and hot glued a bow on top of that.
Ta-Da!!!! Ok, so this might not be exciting to anyone but me, but I had fun doing this and I hope the ladies receiving these will enjoy them. :)
Now for the Recipe’s
Best Bath Soak Ever!I got this recipe’ from a good friend, who is actually going to be in the wedding, Amanda!
1 cup                Epsom Salt
1/3 cup             Sea Salt
1 TBS               Baby Oil
2-3 drops         Scented oil – I used vanilla, the original recipe’ called for Lavendar, you can use whatever you like and it should work just fine.
Mix together – When I’m making this for myself I dump all the ingredients into an old mayonnaise jar and shake it up until all the salts are blended with the oils.
To Use – sprinkle a couple tablespoons worth into warm bath water and enjoy :)
Sugar ScrubI got this recipe’ from a blog I ran across called Maybe Matilda
3 cups                  White Sugar
1 cup & 2 TBS     Good quality oil – I used Baby oil since that’s what I had on hand for the bath soak but the lady I got this recipe’ from said she used olive oil.
*Mix these together in a bowl before adding Essential Oil.*
10 drops              Essential Oil per jar
I just did Vanilla for each of my jars to keep it simple but if you wanted to do a different scent for each jar you would just separate the mixture above into different containers before adding Essential Oil and mixing.
To Use – This is great if you give yourself a pedicure and want to gently scrub the “ruff parts” off, I’ve also used this on my hands to scrub paint off. Whatever you use it for it will make your skin nice and soft!
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  1. That is a really cute idea! thanks for linking this up to our wicked awesome wed link party. And, thanks for putting us in your blog list on your sidebar, just saw that! :-)

  2. Love this post!! Where did you get your scented oils? I have no idea what is okay to use for making the bath salt or the sugar scrub!! Help!!