Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday – Good Friends & Family

I know one of my first Thankful Thursday’s was about friends and I’ve done one on family before too, but I just couldn’t pass up telling you some more!

On Thursday evenings Kenny usually comes down after work to spend part of his weekend with me and sometimes we get together with Brittney and Stephany, two good friends of mine since grade school! This particular Thursday Stephy had to work late and I was going to be at Emmanuel with Kenny on Friday and Saturday for our Youth Lock-in and an Anniversary Party, so he didn’t come down. But Brittney still came over, poor girl, and I put her to work she volunteered to help address invitations.

I have truly been blessed by all the people who have pitched in to help with Kenny and my wedding!

Mom, Brittney and I sat at our Dining room table and watched “The Inheritance” while we addressed all 175 invitations – I actually don’t know the exact number we addressed but we ordered 175 to make sure we would have plenty.


Thank you Mom and Brittney for all your hard work!

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  1. So I've been informed that I've been spelling Brittany completely wrong! However you spell her name she is still a good friend and I am thankful for her.
    Sorry friend, I'll have to do better. :)