Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby Steps: Cleaning my Heart and Home – Day 9

Morning Routine
  • Get up and get dressed to lace-up shoes; fixing your hair and face
  • Look at your posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Go to the FlyLady BigTent group and read messages
  • Recognize the negative voices and change them. Remember, you are FLYing now!
  • Put out your Hot Spots for two minutes
Before-Bed Routine
  • Keep your sink shining
  • Lay out your clothes for tomorrow
  • Put out your Hot Spot. It will make you happy in the morning!

Day 9 – 5 minute room rescue

Day 9 Instructions

Today we’re going to start “rescuing” our homes from clutter. For today’s challenge your going to need three boxes, one labeled “Throw Away” the next labeled “Give Away” and the last one labeled “Put Away.” Pick a room in your house, I decided to start in the “man cave,” – that title just sounds like a good room to start in, maybe once I’m done I can change it to “the organized man cave” :) – Set your timer for just 5 minutes and work your way clockwise around the room, don’t skip anything just take whatever happens to be next in the room. Once the timer goes off take the trash out, put the box of “give away” items into your car so you can drop it off at good will next time your out and then pick up your “put-away box” and, as quick as you can, put everything in it where it goes. You can read all of Flylady’s instructions and advice for decluttering here.

(the next statements are my own opinion and are not affiliated with

As I was pondering the 5 minute room rescue and a Biblical principle to put with it I couldn’t seem to get away from the word “Rescue.” What does it mean to rescue something? or someone?

Rescue refers to responsive operations that usually involve the saving of life, or prevention of injury during an incident or dangerous situation. – this definition was found using Wikipedia -

The idea of rescuing someone for the Christian should bring to mind those people in your life that are living without Christ as their personal Savior. There are many verses that tell us to go and spread the gospel, its a command to tell others of the light that is within us.

If your reading this today and you’ve never experienced the salvation rescue and you need to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior I’d encourage you to read Kenny's Salvation Testimony or to contact me. I’d love to share with you how Jesus died for your sins and how you can be rescued from the penalty of those sins. And for those of us who are saved, what are you doing to rescue those around you? Are you telling others the gospel of Christ? Why don’t you seek to “rescue” someone today?

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